Posted: Aug 14 | Full-time Digital Marketing

Senior Marketing Specialist for Fully Remote Established Startup

Company: HelpFlow
Job Location: San Diego, CA - Remote

About Us:

Done for you 24/7 live chat service for web focused businesses. Our team is available to answer your website visitors' questions all day every day, which increases conversions. We've been in business for nearly 4 years, we are well past product market fit, and have signed up over 100 customers.

Job Description:

We're HelpFlow, a San Diego based fully remote established startup (almost 4 years old, over 100 customers, 50 employees, etc.). Also, this is a full time role with salary (depends on experience) / health benefits / etc. In short, a legit job.

Here's the tactical details:

- You will takeover our robust (but neglected) marketing infrastructure from me (CEO)

- You will use the strategic direction we have (re target prospects / personas, USP, key messaging, etc.) and turn that into a marketing roadmap you can execute.

- The key elements of this will be (a) big tweaks to the funnel we have to be more focused and effective (b) and then driving traffic into the funnel (that's been our core weakness)

- We're looking for someone with advanced experience in paid traffic (mainly discovery based, not acquisition based) + advanced experience managing marketing automation / funnels (preferably ActiveCampaign, but open to Infusionsoft / ClickFunnels / etc. experience since AC is easy to learn). Note that we already have a robust Active Campaign suite of automations built.